The Bridge program addresses the need of providing services to caregivers of African descent due to a growing need of support for these families. Many of these individuals have suffered from Post Traumatic Syndrome (PTSD) as a result of witnessing wars and violence in their region of the world, many of the seniors/caregivers suffering from severe head trauma and battle scars these groups suffer from fragmented families where the senior population has memory loss and the younger generation taking care of the senior has little to no knowledge of resources to aid in their challenge of care giving.

The Bridge program is the only program in this area that answers to the needs of this particular population. We have strong collaborations with the Somali Senior Family Services where the needs and challenges are voiced. The need for this program far exceeds any other attempt that has been made to answer to the multiple care givers challenges that is encountered everyday.

The Bridge program is unique by meeting the caregiver where they are at the Somali Senior Family Services Center. Many of the families will come to their center for services and support and we are that bridge that links them to the community outside of their community.

By utilizing existing community based programs combined with our services we are able to bring relief to these caregivers. The Bridge program offers the following services for the care givers as well as the linkages to the community:

a. Support groups
b. Respite stays
c. Monthly massage therapy
d. Translation services
e. Alzheimer’s disease education sessions
f. Caregivers nutrition classes